I’m a Pantsing Percolator

Writers come in all shapes and sizes. I’d like to say I’m well rounded and big [in the industry], but as a woman I hate that description about me. Instead, I’ll go ahead and borrow the terms “pantser” and “plotter”, which describe types of writers, and were coined (according to different sources), by Nanowrimo, Stephen King, and even good old Shakespeare himself. So what are … Continue reading I’m a Pantsing Percolator

Free Healthcare?

Money is a funny thing. Before there were paper bills (money), people traded cows for horses and corn for milk. We’re a lot more sophisticated now, now we exchange paper for food, diamonds, a vacation, a car… Name the price and we’ll just add more bills. A piece of paper with a monetary value. We work more hours, go to school, and work additional jobs … Continue reading Free Healthcare?

I last wrote in May?! Yikes! But just so you know, I have not been slacking. I’ve been busy. Very busy. My daughter graduated from college in May, and of course we had a big party (I love parties). I had as much fun as the guest of honor (maybe more), and we had a huge turnout with delicious food that I did not make. … Continue reading