Making it great!

2016 was not an easy year. My mom passed away in April, my sister’s best friend passed away in September, and my country is now divided by politics after a too long and painful election year (and I don’t expect it to heal any time soon).

2016 was also a good year. I celebrated my 50th year as an American citizen, my dog’s 16th birthday (we’ve been holding our breath since he was 13), and my daughter finished all class requirements and will be graduating in May with honors.

Same year, different perspective.

I have lots of plans and hopes for 2017, but I’ll try to focus mainly on those things I can actually make happen.

Here’s what I want, here’s what I’ll do, and here’s what I also wish for you:

  1. I want to make sure I tell people what I think when it’s positive and will make them feel better. I want to tell random people: “I like what you’re wearing”, “You’re a beautiful person”, “Your son/daughter is so cute and well behaved”, “You said that very well”, and “You’re making a difference” or “You made my day” among other things
  2. I want to be on a regular blood and platelet donating schedule and not just go when I feel like it
  3. I want to continue saying “I love you” and mean it; I never want to the kind of person that uses the word love in vain.
  4. I wish for all only good news in the papers, news channels, internet, and I wish for twitter rants to be happy rants, but I realize only my rants I can control.
  5. I wish for us all to go on trips to Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid or CVS for cosmetics or chocolates, and not for medicine for whatever malady may come our way.
  6. I wish you love, friendship, sister/brotherhood, happiness, and peace.
  7. Vacations and laughter. Smiles and happy tears.
  8. If you fall, I’ll help you get up. If you cry, I’ll wipe your tears, and if you’re afraid, I promise to hold you tight.
  9. I want to knit more (I found some great charities seeking knitters to help the homeless, cancer patients, soldiers, and the poor).
  10. I also want to write more. I want to come into your home by invitation and make you smile, laugh, cry, and feel my words. And I want what I write to make a difference; a good difference.

No, as the New Year approaches, I won’t make promises of exercising more, giving up wine, or losing weight. But I do promise to be there for you if you need me. Whether I take the form of a friend, a sister, a mother, a daughter, or a book, I am here for you. Always.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful New 2017 Year!

Love and Peace,

Bria Daly


2 thoughts on “Making it great!

  1. That’s a tall list of good things… I know you can accomplish it all; I enjoy your writing very much and I do hope you can do more of it in 2017.
    Salud…! to you and yours! Much happiness in the new year!

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