Halloween Time

I’m not sure why, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it as to do with the seasons changing and anticipating some other very important holidays in upcoming months, or that things seem calmer this time of year. I’m not sure.

Today I’m thinking about Halloween from the comfort of my warm home. I look out the window and see the leaves are turning from different shades of green, to different shades of red, orange, yellow, and some are even showing a subtle hint of purple.  I live in New York, and here, we see the Fall colors every year in all their brilliant splendor.

It’s starting to get cold. I don’t care for cold weather, and even though the first snows still fill me with wonder, it’s the shoveling and clearing I don’t like one bit.

When my kids were little, we lived abroad in Germany, Brazil, and Honduras. In the U.S., we lived mostly in California, although we spent some time in Texas too. Our Halloween costumes changed as super heroes lost or gained popularity, interests evolved, and weather made wearing certain outfits too hot or too cold to handle on our trick or treat outings.

This year I’ll be a witch (again). I know that’s not very original, but as those who love me best like to say, as a witch I’m a natural (I especially have the cackle down to a fine art). In the past, I’ve also dressed up as Cruella Deville, when I accompanied my daughter and my dog Scruffy trick or treating. They were both dressed up as Dalmatians. My daughter was a more convincing Dalmatian than Scruffy,  who was a large yellow mixed breed and wore perfectly round black paper cutout circles attached to her long fur. Another year I was Minnie Mouse, and I was accompanied by my daughter (again), who was dressed up as a Minnier Mouse.

The men in my family have never liked dress up as much as us girls, but one year, the four of us went out a Star Wars family. Since my real name (my birth name) is Lia, I was – of course – Princess Leah. My husband was Obi Wan, my son was Luke, and my daughter was an adorable ewok. For Princess Leah’s hair, I just pulled my hair back and wore a hairband with a danish roll stapled on either side and over my ears. The rolls were still in their plastic wrappers and we had them with coffee after we came back home. Right after 9/11, my daughter dressed up as Lady Liberty, and my son was Uncle Sam.

This year I’m way behind (again), and haven’t started decorating outside yet. I’ve always  loved Halloween, but mostly I love that we can dress up and pretend no matter how old we are. As a writer, I don’t dress up every day. In fact, I stay indoors most of the time and do a lot of dressing down, but I pretend year-round. I create characters, give them names, friends, relatives, a life, a love interest, and I even give them emotions; I love that I can do that. It’s all just pretend; like Halloween. So, I guess that’s why Halloween, no matter how old I am, continues to be one of my favorite holidays, and I hope you like it too.

Happy October! Happy Fall! And Happy Halloween to all!




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