PBS cuts, Toy Story news, and kid memories of yesteryear

Before I started writing novels (in 2014), I wrote short stories and articles for parent and family magazines. The compilation of many of those articles resulted in the book To Insanity and Beyond, A Mom’s Journey, which was published in 2002. The title of the book was timely and inspired by Buzz Lightyear’s famous words in Toy Story (To infinity and beyond), at a time … Continue reading PBS cuts, Toy Story news, and kid memories of yesteryear

Making it great!

2016 was not an easy year. My mom passed away in April, my sister’s best friend passed away in September, and my country is now divided by politics after a too long and painful election year (and I don’t expect it to heal any time soon). 2016 was also a good year. I celebrated my 50th year as an American citizen, my dog’s 16th birthday … Continue reading Making it great!

Let us be One Nation – Indivisible

I’ve remained silent about the politics in our country because I don’t like to mix my personal feelings with those of my other persona (a.k.a. author Bria Daly). Still, it’s hard to remain silent when I have very strong personal feelings… Last week I had the flu. I came back from a wonderful trip to Argentina to visit family and friends and returned with laryngitis. … Continue reading Let us be One Nation – Indivisible

Small Town U.S.A

This is small town living at its best. Meet the Veterinarian, Teacher, Auto Repair Specialist, School Principal, Town Drunk, former Town Slut, Crazy Cat Lady, the absolutely gorgeous and Not-So-Straight Andy, and many more of the residents from this Small Town, U.S.A. population under 1,000 (and growing). It’s great when you know everyone in town, their family history, and everything good about them. It’s bad … Continue reading Small Town U.S.A