I last wrote in May?! Yikes! But just so you know, I have not been slacking. I’ve been busy. Very busy.

My daughter graduated from college in May, and of course we had a big party (I love parties). I had as much fun as the guest of honor (maybe more), and we had a huge turnout with delicious food that I did not make.

A week after my daughter’s graduation, an exchange student from France who stayed with us while in High School came to spend a month with us. I can’t believe we caused that good of an impression that she’d want to come back, but she did, and we all cried when she left.

Manon left, and we had about 5 days to plan and pack before my husband and daughter flew to the UK to see family and do some sightseeing. They flew into Edinburgh, and drove down from Scotland, to Wales and England, and then turned around and drove north again.

My husband was gone for 10 days, but my daughter is still there. She’s traveling Europe and I so want to be her!

She’s been in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, and will head over to Ireland and Switzerland next. She knows people everywhere she goes. We have either family or friends spread out through Europe, but she has even more connections from her previous travels and staying at hostels throughout Europe and the US.

I’ll tell you more about her travels and experiences in future notes, and I’ll also tell you about my experience staying at a hostel in Miami this year, attending a writer’s conference in New York City in April, the absolutely incredible time I had at BookCon NY, and the many writing projects I am currently working on.

By the way, I’m REALLY excited about the new work I’m doing and can’t wait to tell you all about it. What I’m doing is a little different from what I’ve written in the past, but I think you’ll still like it.

I will make a point to not let as much time go by before I write on this site again. I really don’t know how other writer’s do it.

In closing, wherever you are, I hope the weather is good, your health is great, you’re close to those you love, and you’re reading something awesome you just can’t put down.

Wishing you wonderful things always,

heart    bria-daly-signature-euphoria


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